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You're Never too Young for a Midlife Crisis


A chronicle of the universal struggle to cope with our all-too fathomable mortality. It is a truth of life you will never be prepared to accept, one which is indifferent to your refusals. No matter how old you are, it's never too early to realize you, and everyone else, will eventually be dead. Cheers!

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P.S. here's a little synopsis-of-sorts of how the playlist's story carries out.
The story starts (as it always does) with birth; a young child (possibly a boy) is born and his parents wish him eternal youth as he lays in his cradle. Years go by and the boy and our protagonist is now a young adult. He and his friend contemplate their existence, but the illusion of eternal youth is as strong and profound as it is false, and their concerns are put to rest. Time passes once more and he meets a girl (as they always do). They fall in love (or as close to love as the lucky ones among us will ever find) and it is with this girl that he is exposed to the first glimpse of their mortality.
With the change of a track another thirty or so years are shaved off of his life, and now our friend is far into adulthood (from which no one survives, but that’s for another story), and death is all too real to him. A close encounter with said death ends in his favour, but nevertheless pushes him off the edge and into the dark oblivion that is midlife crisis.
He begins to contemplate his own exit from this world far more often than is healthy and only a little bit more than is normal. He can feel the years coursing over his body now; what once passed in the blink of an indifferent eye is now closely observed and squeezed for all that it is worth. The regrets seem to pile up, all unfinished business a weight over his aching shoulders. It becomes too much and he embarks on one final last ditch attempt to regain his youth, and with it his love and life. This attempt fails in some ways and succeeds in others, and he returns to his love with a numb acceptance, prepared to live out the rest of their short lives together.
But death is as cruel as it is indifferent, and his love is taken before he is. With the final tired beat of an aching heart his ties to this world are severed all at once, yet he goes on living, her memory the only thing keeping him going even though it is also the thing that drives him to wanting, even needing death to come for him as well.
Finally, as is the nature of things, with his relatives and friends gathered round, he says farewell to the world, and it says farewell to him.