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RIP Ensign 'too precious for this world' Baker


*Dream sequence of Baker riding Bucephalus off into a glorious rainbow heaven where they can live in peace away from the fucking horror show that Setauket has become* amen and god bless.

You were too precious for this world and we will avenge you, my sweet bb baker.

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I swear, I don't know if my tears were from my lovely Mr. Baker passing on, or from my sleep-deprived brain crying for a rest after marathoning the entire series one night. RIP, Baker. You will be missed greatly. Abe can rot.

I just finished episode 10 and now I'm listening to your mix and of all the people to kill off, why why why. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. He didn't even get a little smooch from Mary. Thank you for this mix. ;;;;;;