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Epic movie soundtracks (part one)


The best of Science Fiction, with tracks from Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future and more. 16 tracks of not just movies; I threw in some game soundtracks too! Game tracks include the orchestral arrangements of The Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect, and Halo 3.

15 tracks
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Esta es la prueba de que el 50% de lo que hace que una película sea estupenda e inmortal es la música (soundTrack)

I would recommend to never post a london philharmonic recording. there will always be a better orchestral arrangement than london phil's. great song choices and a great playlist but that bloody orchestra really butchered these pieces.

I agree to a point. The way some of these pieces were arranged weren't that great but I think Mass Effect and Halo were the best ones. Besides, it's not the orchestra's fault. It's whoever they have hired to arrange the pieces. Thanks for the feed back though.

I was going to respond to your comment LuBear by referencing StarWars... turns out it is actually in the playlist! I remember listening to the Star Wars soundtrack as a kid and absolutely loving it... I certainly think they did a great job there. Great to listen again; thanks arkitek!