the night
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everything comes back to you.


No, he wanted to shout. He was trembling all over, knees actually shaking. Billy slowly dropped his arm and

dared to blink open his eyes. He looked up—and up—and up—until he met those blue eyes, just as open and

bright as the whole damned Big Sky country in a face that was, oh God yes, really incredibly handsome. The

sharp words dried on his tongue; the fear drained away. He could actually feel his brain derail. Holy crap, that

was one hot cowboy. “Um,” Billy said stupidly. “I. Yeah. I think…yeah. Hi.”

This au is one of many favorites, as I'm willing to state that one, in particular, stood out. Khirsah's other works should be credited upon:

Wayfaring Stranger:


cover art by : @agent-37

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