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Fit Brain vol. III


An extensive mix of hip-hop & electronic tracks with minimal lyrics for maximum focus and studying potential. Best of luck!

For other study assistance check out Fitbrain!

FitBrain is passionate about pushing the frontiers of what we know about the brain. They are interested in all fields of research related to neurology and it's their passion in this field that brought them to nootropics. Find out more on their website:

19 tracks
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soundcloud stopped letting 8tracks use their uploads as a platform for playlists so all the songs were deleted. They had a team attempt to upload some of the songs but I was certain it was impossible. I haven't gone over the track names but thanks for letting me know.

Final year Mechanical Engineering student currently studying for my last exam ever. Listened to these fit brain playlists for quite a while now. They're epic, keep them coming!

I've been listening to this every morning this past week at work. It's really helped to get me in the zone and increase my productivity! Thanks!