The Orange Mix Tape
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The Orange Mix Tape vol. 6


Good music, good hip-hop. Some Chill Jazzy beats for all your smoking, fucking & studying needs. Enjoy.

  • Affair (Galax Remix) by Bahia
  • MsFatBooty REMIX by Mos Def
  • There I Go feat. Frank Nitt (Melodiesinfonie Remix) by NUMBE:RA
  • The Last Day of Summer by Doug Snow
  • Stuntin' (Wayvee x LMC Remix) by Gucci Mane
  • Hemsworth Outro by 100s
  • MVP REMIX by Melodiesinfonie
  • A.S.A.P x Fresco [867 BONUS TRACK] by Khep W.
  • Dead Albatross (feat. Chester Watson) by Psymun
9 tracks
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