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Where I Can't Take You

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i really like the over all slow tone of the mix (so far; i'm on blood bank but i didn't want to forget stuff waiting for the mix to be over before i commented); dance music gives me a lot of feelings about sam's childhood, that works really well; no sound but the wind works a lot with like The Wall imagery and keeping warm and stuff; i'm such a sucker for 'don't be nervous im still yr best friend we're just doing Other Stuff v tenderly' in otps and that dessa song is put to such good use for that (esp for this ship), i feel like theyd be slow and reluctant on feelings so that cover works really well, I liked the submarines song, this is all really good

@festeringfae it's interesting that you read the dessa song like that! that's not how i meant it but it definitely like, like if it comes off that way to you that's still Very Samjon so i am still pleased. im glad that the slow pacing doesnt seem to drag at least so far