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wings of freedom


The Survey Corps is where soldiers of great strength, skill, intelligence, and courage (and a little madness) act as a spearhead for human knowledge, brave terrors and sorrows, and lead humankind's counterattack against the Titans.

  • Assasins Creed 3 Main Theme by SoccerPlayer123
  • Autobots Reunite OST (Steve Jablonsky) by Transformers 4
  • The World Is Ahead by 0m3gaSupr3m3
  • The Reluctant Heroes (Vocal: mpi )─ Like a Nightmare by Heiwajima Kamijo
  • Cold Front by Hammock
  • OST The Hunger Games Soundtrack by Rue's Fairwell
  • All Is Hell That Ends Well by Two Steps From Hell
  • Fire Up The Shuttle ( Elysium soundtrack ) by Ahmed aas (ساوندتراكى)
  • Why So Serious? by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
  • Dumbledore’s Farewell by Nicholas Hooper
  • Timo Maas - Der Schieber by Tom Wax
  • Puma Punku by Mark Petrie Composer
12 tracks
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