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† filthy dǝʇsqnp †


can't get any filthier

  • Calling All The Lovers by Manufactured Superstars ft. Luciana (Figure Remix)
  • Scream & Shout (Spag Heddy Remix) by SPAG HEDDY
  • It's Ain't No Fuckin' Drum & Bass by Killegal
  • Firepower(Original Mix)[CLIP] by DEFEΛTER & Logix
  • Fuck You Virtual DJ (Free Download) by High Rankin
  • Fuck Dubstep by Dodge & Fuski
  • Funk Blaster (Culprate Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION] by KOAN Sound
  • Exclusive by Say My Name by Protohype
  • The Backwards song by Sadhu and 12Gauge
  • We Run This(Original Mix)[CLIP][WIP] by Logix
  • Get Ready (Glebstar Dubstep Remix) by Congo Natty
  • Panther (ZEDS DEAD Remix) by Barletta
12 tracks
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1. Calling all the lovers - Manufactured superstars
2.Shishkabob - Doctor P
3.32h - Figure remix
4.Scream and shout - speg heddy remix
5.Royals - Dotcom Remix
6.It ain't no fucking drum and bass - killegal
7.Firepower - Defeater and Logix
8.Fuck you Virtual Dj - High Rankin
9.Fuck Dubstep - Dodge and Fuski
10.Breath it - Speg Heddy Remix
11.Funk Blaster - Culprate Remix
12.Say my Name - Protohype
13.The backwards song - sadhu and 12 gauge
14.We run This - Logix
15. Get Ready - Glebstar Dubstep remix
16.Panther - Zeds Dead remix