The Vibe
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Eta Carinae


Hello! This playlist was off the charts for a while, but i have made some changes so it can go back up again.

"Original description still exists below."

A 3 1/2 hour, 35 track long playlist sure to put you deep within the far reaches of space, free to explore the boundless nature of the universe. Information regarding Eta Carinae will be posted here in the description shortly. Thanks for listening!

35 tracks
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@TheVibe: Do you have your collection on any other platform as well? Spotify, Google etc? I want to share your work with my friends internationally, but not all countries can listen to 8tracks.

@thenattoo i have been working on creating a complete index of my playlists so that i can transfer everything to multiple platforms but 8tracks will always be home base of course - i've actually been talking to some developers from 8tracks and am working on being fully involved in bringing back international use, whatever i can do but for right now yes i am exclusively on 8tracks - i will be adding things to other sites as well and there has already been some crossing over between 8tracks so i will probably be looking at spotify and youtube and then playlists will go up on all three pages more or less at the same time - also thanks for sharing! i've always gotten a fair amount of use out of these playlists but i've been doing it for so long that i forget that some people don't have a hard drive full of music and a system for downloading overwhelming volumes of new music - i actually just thought of this recently so i'm only about halfway through creating the index but it is currently at 2,219 songs with 1,522 individual songs being used which should end up around 5,000/3,000 and i've been holding back a lot of new stuff to work on this and get it done as soon as possible but its getting difficult to not post something again

@The Vibe That's awesome! an Index of collection is gonna help tremendously! When you do decide to go to a new platform, please include a link in your bio here.