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@Sowat? Primary objective for the past few months has been finishing up the music sorting process - now that all the hard work is done, i'm focusing very much on the space playlists (i actually have some notes for some planets and moons written down in a tiny notebook i've been working on it in my minute-to-minute free time)

I believe this is one of those super deep cryo playlists you requested ;) There will be more to come!! This may be my favorite genre to make playlists with

for super deep cryo personally I prefer tracks without any beats...The Deep and The Flow, while great tracks, have some beats... still a great playlist. "If you build it, they will come."

@rhythmeen indeed, i feel the exact same way this just happens to be in that deep cryo ballpark there are a lot more playlists in development but the space playlists have fallen behind the rest lately they're next on the agenda once i get the next playlist posted