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A presentation of some wonderful ambient tracks i still havent posted this year as well as a collection of tracks from the 1998 Soundtrack to Riven - The Sequel to Myst which has done much to shape my taste in ambient music and STILL kills it today so track 4 is a collection of tracks 7-12 and track 6 is a reshuffling of tracks 14-19 for which i combined and edited together for your (and my own) listening pleasure - enjoy!

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@Dezinger There are mobile versions of both games now but it doesnt reproduce the magic of needing to switch discs when you would change islands not knowing if the game would crash and/or lose progress, at least in the case of Riven. Myst was a blast too though i actually have lots of Myst music coming through soon! Some of my absolute favorite sounds come from these Soundtracks. Thanks for tuning in!