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Out There

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This is definitely one of the best track lists in your planets & space compilations whether their music is the latest or not! I don't think this type of music will ever become dated, besides it's all new to me! This insomniac started listening to the ambient genre about 3 yrs. ago & I've found that I sleep better to your 8tracks, Vibe! Much Love!

@existentialearthling hi! just want to say thanks for liking my playlists! i think its awesome that people are using them to study. education is the most important thing ever and i too like having these for studying and similar things and they really are much more useful than i ever thought they would be so i've been benefiting from these as well! and i like making these playlists a lot too so thats a bonus

@Doc Vibe you're most welcome! i agree, education is really important and your playlists help me take my mind off everything going on in my life and focus on my work. i'm glad you benefit from them as well! it's always nice having people enjoy something you've created and that you like creating :)

Which playlist do you mean has the older tracks? I was honestly surprised with Sol's success but i think the reason i have older tracks is that i rarely get a chance to listen to other playlists on here because i cover lots of styles and all the playlists i make are taken from songs that have more or less been sitting in my music library for a few years- i've reached a point where im getting into new stuff in all fields but now that my computer is broken i cant post new playlists for a while

As for your playlist "SOL", I would like to give a like, because there are many good tracks here, but if I may, I'm a little disappointed because there is not really many new things but classics and artists already heard in many other playlists ... Despite this, good job;-)

This playlist is amazing! I use it often to either fall asleep to or just writing out my sci-fi stories. I'm definitely checking your other mixes and following!