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Pyrobolus Cygni


The Fireworks Galaxy, also known as Pyrobolus Cygni or NGC6946, was discovered by William Herschel on 9 September 1798, and resides about 22 million miles from our solar system. Though it is only about one-third the size of our galaxy, it remains the most productive known galaxies today, with 10 supernova events in the last 100 years. This high rate of activity classifies NGC6946 as a Starburst Galaxy, along with the Antennae Galaxies. Pyrobolus Cygni also is host to the failed supernova N6946-BH1, which appears to be the formation of a black hole, and if true that would mean it is the first time we have observed the formation of a black hole. Anyway, here's 75 minutes of ambient space vibes, perfect for studying, bed time, reading, or just chillin out.

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