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Sounds From The Ground


I'm getting close to 100 playlists so far this year, so i think its finally time to bring back my original blue sky avatar - an image similar to that of the "Ready Steady Slow" album by Sounds From The Ground, who have songs featured on this playlist at track 5 and 6. Most of these are the direct fruits of my labor working on playlists and maintaining my library for continued service here at 8tracks - i will continue posting until such a day comes when the man shuts us down - until then, this is how i choose to experience music - i mean its the only way i know how but i choose to keep it that way as long as possible

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thanks!! i've been putting in some OT and hoping we get through this year i think things will start to turn around in 2020 so i've been making preparations to make it a big year - it started as a change in process but lately ive been realizing what that change in process has made possible - its hard to explain in words but people who have stuck around will find out in the coming year