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Located in the constellation also named Triangulum, the Triangulum galaxy, also known as M33, NGC598, or the Pinwheel galaxy, is approximately 3 million light years from Earth, 40% as large as our Milky Way galaxy, and 60,000 light years across. On a clear night with very little to no light pollution it can be seen by the naked eye (at about 8:00 relative to the second star from the left of the handle of the big dipper). It is also thought that Triangulum may be gravitationally bound to Andromeda, orbiting the larger galaxy similar to how the moon orbits the earth and in about 2.5 billion years the two are due to meet, just 1.5 billion years before we have our own collision with Andromeda.

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@thefirstdark thanks very much to both of you! the wide span of genres i try to cover has been making life hard for me lately because i cant even take all the new music in fast enough but there should be some chillout, vaporwave, and of course ambient space playlists coming soon! I made this and the last few space playlists to hold me (and followers) over until i have things more organized again, and that day is rapidly approaching! Excitement!!