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these are absolutely unique and wonderfully mixed playlists. They are stitched beautifully into quilt-like patterns that play along with the strings of the fabric of space. Each piece captures a moment and allows the listener to fully experience the essence and emotions of certain aspects of our universe. Bravo!

There is a song that is wrongly labeled. The one called acid cornflats isn't acid cornflats. The correct name of the song is Midnight Crossing

Great mix. I think the track Comfortable Void / Sync24 was replaced by a bad demo soundcloud track, because the track changes pace frequently. I really hate 8tracks for doing this.

@OryBand dammit i hate soundcloud - thanks for letting me know! gonna go through and check all these planet space playlists now.. i think i skipped that and i dont usually for this exact reason. Glad you like it!

@kahnman aww yeah thanks! I tried to give each planet's playlist its own sort of personality or sound and CWD's sound was a fun one to base Venus on - glad you like it!