The Wolf in the Rock
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You first notice snow swirling past the window as you finish your last essay amid the hush of midnight. Next morning, kids are racing through corridors and pulling end of term pranks. Older students rush around dormitories on Christmas Eve preparing for the Yule Ball. First years can hardly sleep for excitement. Christmas Day dawns, presents are torn open and the radio blares out WWN's Christmas Special, then students pour outside into the snow or spend the evening quietly by the fire. And the holidays aren't over- gatecrashers prank the staff party on Boxing Day while New Year means fireworks and festivity. Christmas at Hogwarts is never boring: even as the festivities begin to wind down and the school goes back to work, next year isn't far away.

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1 comment on Happy (Hogwarts) Holidays!

What a wonderful playlist, put me right in the Christmas spirit. It really feels like we are at Hogwarts and the snow is falling slowly outside. Hope you get many more likes.