The Wolf in the Rock
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The House That Molly And Arthur Built


A playlist for the Weasley residence, as Molly and Arthur watch their family expand, both by blood and choice and turn their house into a home. The Weasley clock keeps track as Arthur works on the Ford Anglia, Fleur and Molly plan weddings, Bill and Charlie levitate tables and their little sister practises quidditch in the orchard, strange bangs and smells emanate from the twins' room and hushed whispers creep under the door of Ron's room at the top of the house as the trio shelter from the war.

15 tracks
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This playlist is amazing I love it! I'm always partial to instrumental mixes because they don't distract you with words as much and let the music speak for itself

My dad just told me that we're going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this spring break so I'm listening to this and internally screaming while writing a fanfic!!!!!!