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Dune: Desert Planet


"May Thy Knife Chip and Shatter"

  • To Tame a Land by Iron Maiden
  • Virus by Mechanical Poet
  • Close To The Sun by Arrakis
  • Bene Gesserit by Atredes
  • On Giedi Prime by Saul Jarvie
  • The Fremen still yearns for the day the desert returns by SpaceSlab GO!
  • Caladan by Grimes
  • Duncan Idaho by Sam King 84
  • Ghola (Duncan Idaho Mix) by The Kinetic Wardrobe
  • Kwisatz Haderach (Complete) by Hail the Jester
  • 02 - Dune Messiah by sabinapoppaea
  • Blood On The Sand by Ana Luiza Brown guitar
  • Water to the Dead by Ego Likeness
  • Face Dancer by Muad'dib Official
14 tracks
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