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Happy New Year!


1 As far as you can remember, what was the first song you heard in 2017.
2 A song with the phrase NewYear in the title -- or simply is about celebrating the new year.
3 A song with “17” in the title. (NO WINGER ALLOWED.)
4 A song about your goal or resolution for 2017.
5 A song about the passage of time.
6 A song that sums up your 2016.
7 A song from a current, reasonably young artist or band who you hope will eventually will be remembered as very influential when we look back at this era of music.
8 A song which is recent that sounds like it was recorded years ago.
9 One of your favorite artists who has been quiet recently but maybe, just maybe will release new material in 2017.
10 A song of great optimism. (NO KATRINA AND THE WAVES ALLOWED.)

10 tracks
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