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Aim to Please


A mix about a half-blind ranger-in-training who likes dogs better than people. Despite his unofficially permanent job as the Ranger-Lord's secretary, his optimistic naivety always lands him in trouble.

13 tracks
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I'm glad you think so! It means a lot to me! I'm happy to hear that you liked the playlist, as well :) If you get around to rping again, don't hesitate to hit me up! My tumblr url and skype username are the same as my 8tracks name, so feel free to add me or send a message my way any time!

Sure, I'd love to! Venorus Dawnstrider is from Silvermoon City, born and raised, and, despite being a sheltered city-boy, has always dreamt of becoming a Farstrider. Unfortunately... He's got awful aim, and is much more suited to a desk job—which he currently has, doing the Ranger-Lord's paperwork. Honestly, if not for his plaguehound, Ignispes, he would probably be long dead by now. That's mostly due to his trusting nature and overall lack of self-preservation. After all, his best friend is a cannibal who's tried to kidnap/eat him on at least four separate occasions. He is certainly forgiving to a fault. He's been my main toon for as long as I've role played on WoW, so he definitely gets the most attention (as my WoW characters go). I'd be happy to rp with you! :)

@theaceofhearts36 Sorry for replying so late, I checked notifications for a reply but I never actually checked the comments of the playlist lol. And while I don't actually rp that much anymore, kinda fell out of it last summer; if I do get back into the swing of things, I'd love to!! Even though I don't, I still love the entire concept and love finding other people that do too (and their chara's are usually super awesome, as is yours). His story sounds super interesting, definitely not clichéd that's for sure. It's refreshing actually.

this mix is actually really great!! stumbled across it when looking for wow mixes and im really intrigued by your half-blind ranger-in-training ;o he sounds and by the art im looking at, looks adorable tbh