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Everyone's Gone to the Moon

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I confess that—on one level—this mix is a work of fan fiction. In it I imagine myself, the narrator, as Captain Kirk. I'm secretly in love with my vulcan half-breed science officer, and I suspect that the feeling is mutual. I find myself stranded on an uninhabited planet and my air supply is running low. As I lay dying on the rocky surface, I have a vision of a sweeter life. The vision consumes me until I can't tell whether I'm still dreaming or already dead.
Then it goes on like that for awhile.

I'm feeling talkative today, so I'm attaching the second part of the introspective liner notes that accompany the physical version of this mix (as written to the friend I sent it to). Hopefully I don't get embarrassed and delete this later:

I've long thought that there are fewer stories more compelling—more poignant—than those dealing with space and/or time travel. These stories resonate with my own tendency toward feelings of cosmic displacement; a sense of being lost on some journey of epic, unfathomable proportions. This spiritual mythos is subtly informed by the narratives of pop culture, as these stories provide a coherent framework by which universal archetypes are leant expression; we see them in action, we recognize and understand them in new ways. This is no accident, but rather a symptom of The Great Unfolding of universal consciousness and the ever-present, dynamic goal of Higher Awareness. We're all moving toward this end at our own pace, and I believe (know) that these stories provide many of us with a fertile means of getting closer.

This is a love story. What is a love story? Interpersonal romance is only part of it. Fulfilling the psycho-karmic destiny of a fractured spirit/psyche is another part. It is about finding wholeness, overcoming the illusion of individuation and realizing our true nature, both in the macro- and microcosmic sense. In this story Kirk loves Spock. I am Kirk. But I am also Spock. I just don't know it yet. What I want, what I ardently long for as I hallucinate on a barren planet, is the completeness that will free my soul for the torment of my individuated person-body. In truth I already have it, but this truth is obscured by the dream of reality. This knowledge is necessarily elusive in reality, since seeking it is a necessary part of the process of fully integrating it. When I look at Spock, I recognize something that eludes me. I'm not wrong to confuse this with love, since love (attraction, empathy, passion…) entails devotion, and devotion begets integration. By following my heart I follow my psycho-karmic destiny, and precipitate my arrival on the threshold of perfected non-being (i.e. consummation; expansion, contraction). It is about falling in love with my counterpart and losing him, only to find that he cannot be lost. It's also about the pain and ecstasy of the entire experience, and my attachment to these. In short, business as usual.

if your quest for online curation wipes this off the web, let it be known (at the very least) that this makes me want a physical mix from you