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"We are all incomplete," said the wise man. "We are all pieces, fragments, shadows, matterless ghosts. We all have believed that we have wept and that we have felt pleasure for endless centuries."
"I was a goddess in Indra's heaven," said the harlot.
"And yet you were not freer from the chain of things, nor your diamond body safer from misfortune than your body of flesh and filth. Perhaps, unhappy woman, dishonored traveler of every road, you are about to attain that which has no shape."

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Hey, Air - a quick selfish request, since I might not be able to enjoy your playlists in their fullness due to the recent changes. Should you decide to continue creating these unbelievable mixes somewhere else, please don't change your handle too much - this way I'll have at least a tiny chance to find you again :) So long and thanks for opening my eyes/ears for so much sounds and artists

What kind of synchronicity chooses beheading as its topic???? But anyway, even though I knew the script is only that long, i can't get enough of this mix. Just like its subject it keeps stomping on me in more than one way and i don't mind

@ludaakula The title comes from the myth of the same name (Alberto Manguel's English translation) — I included some of the text in the comments below, but the full story is well worth a read (it's not that long, and can be googled) — a beautiful tale in which the beheading of a goddess (perfect being) represents a cosmic imbalance, resulting in the formation of a divine monstrosity (Kali's head is joined to the body of a dead prostitute; her unhappiness with her fate mirrors the spiritual melancholia of humankind, being subject to the ills of a 'prison of flesh'). It's about being cut off from one's essential (divine) nature to serve a broken purpose (Kali can't return to heaven, but wanders the Earth in abject misery, whoring indiscriminately), but also about the necessity of it all in the grand cosmic scheme: only through enduring it can she finally transcend it. ...Anyway, I wanted to make the mix longer, but ended up cutting it down to make the transitions cleaner. One song that ended up not making the final cut, that I wanted to include, is Joanna Newsom's cover of "Man's Road" (by America, from the soundtrack to "The Last Unicorn"). It's on youtube if you're still in the mood! I listen to it on repeat and weep on the inside (;

I did that (googled the text) yesterday the moment I saw the first lines in the description of the mix, even before you included the whole story in the comments :) Then I enjoyed the story even more, reading it while listening to the mix. Though i was a mess of thoughts and emotions after that, I was still able to appreciate the way you've added several dimensions to something that was supposed to be just a mix. It made me feel like a human starring at an enormous universe and i almost got lost it in.

@theairinthebranches Then I read the story of Kali's wild dance that made the worlds shake and tremble ending with her stepping over Shiva's chest and the whole situation got weirder

@theairinthebranches And I just heard Joanna Newsom's cover - so fitting both for the movie (even more the book) and the mix, though it didn't make it. Felt like walking on shattered glass - every step as painful as the last, yet each one unique in its painfulness. Your mixes and your perception of the world are a huge catalyst and source of inspiration for thoughts, emotions, new knowledge and experience. I only don't know to what i owe the luck of finding you on 8tracks, but i'm humbly grateful.

@ludaakula Woohoo! Really stoked that this resonates with you to the point that you'd want to read up on Hindu mythology! It was one of my favorite subjects as a Religious Studies major, the Kali stories especially. As for the mixes, I'm just grateful that people actually listen to them (and even like them) as self-indulgent as they can be. Thank you for being such a conscientious listener; that's the highest compliment! And I love your shattered glass analogy!

@theairinthebranches Heh, I've always had a soft spot for mythology, but my brain is just not systematic enough for this field. I can't seem to remember important details outside the ones that appeal to my ideas and this often pisses me off big time. Or at least spoils for me the whole experience of wandering in these vast bizarre and beautiful words of ultimate meta-human knowledge. As for your mixes, you won't ever hear me say I'm waiting for the next one, because I hate putting pressure on people (and I know that's not the way a human should communicate with the world and the univerase), but the feeling of a treat, awaiting to be discovered, is there any time your handle appears in the profile feed...

A long time ago, Kali, lotus flower of perfection, reigned in Indra's heaven as in the depths of a sapphire; the diamonds of dawn glittered in her eyes, and the universe contracted or expanded in tune with the beatings of her heart...

The jealous gods followed Kali one evening, during an eclipse, into a cone of darkness, in a corner of a conniving planet. A bolt of lightning cut her head off. Instead of blood, a torrent of light sprang from her sliced neck...

Contrite, the gods descended ... into the abyss ... Piously, they picked up the lovely pale head and set off to find the body that had borne it. A headless body was lying on the shore ... The body was that of a prostitute. ... Never again did Kali, lotus flower of perfection, reign in Indra's heaven. The body to which the divine head was joined felt homesick for the streets of ill repute, the forbidden encounters... She became the seducer of children, the inciter of old men...

Her mouth is as warm as life; her eyes as deep as death. In turn she gazes at herself in the bronze of night, in the silver of dawn, in the copper of dusk; in the gold of midday she stares at herself. But her lips have never smiled; a necklace of bones coils around her slender neck, and upon her face ... her large eyes are pure and sad. Kali's face, eternally bathed in tears, is ashen and covered in dew like the uneasy face of dawn.