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Kansas Spooky

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each mix of yours that i've listened so far has been both a revelation and a catharsis, even those that are unlistenable (for which i assume i still lack the proper experience to understand them). anyway - i want to thank you deeply for gathering these treasures, to which i keep returning again and again, usually when i need some help to deal with the things that live inside my head...

thanks so much! what a nice comment. some of these are even unlistenable to me if I'm not in the right mindset, and wouldn't have appealed to me at all several years ago. sometimes tracks that I used to initially skip over eventually become the ones that mean the most to me, so I think taste does/can evolve over time

i also got to a point when i started to appreciate music that i couldn't listen before, so it does seem that taste can change sometimes drastically, under the right conditions. But what makes your mixes special to me is the atmosphere they have - the songs in them may be from many genres and yet they're all interlinked and each one of them takes its turn to be my guide further down the road the whole mix is headed too. I know how it feels perfectly well, but when i put it in words it starts to sound very complicated and that 's exactly what your mixes are not to me - they're not a machinery, but they have soul. And that's what makes them more like pub pals with whom i can share what i can't tell anyone else but myself...

cool! yep, each one is supposed to tell a story, but the narrative is usually more emotional/unconscious than linear. it's kind of my way of communicating with myself (and listeners at the same time), so they mean a lot to me -- I'm so glad they have that effect on you!