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The Farewell Transmission

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I wasn't really able to process his passing until recently, and when I went back and revisited my favorite songs (only a few of which I could include here), I thought I heard a clear foreshadowing — an ongoing "goodbye" — which was both sorrowful and accepting. It's that perceived acceptance that I focused on here (especially in the latter part of this mix), and particularly the small comfort that I gleaned from it — so yes, I think it would be appropriate to feel calm afterwards. Refreshed, even.

(server was down for more than a day, i guess fittingly so) I smiled when i read the background of the mix - well captured and bottled. I may try to save it for moments, when one needs to open a bottle of good memories, just to keep some sanity for another day.
you do have a way with words or life's fabric though (i don't know which one is correct), but from now on it would be hard for me not to think of him as the ongoing goodbye presence. it was both like a revelation (this constantly repeating notion in his lyrics and music, that i wasn't able to "pin" in words) and a promise in the same time.
with each mix of yours the thank you-s become more and more meaningful, yet limited "transmitters", of how do I really feel...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you asked me about it, because I wanted to mention this mix's purpose but when I tried to include something in the description, it just felt tacky. I hoped the playlist would speak for itself, and it seems it did just that, judging by these responses.
I'll never stop hearing that goodbye now, when I listen to him.