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The Spring Tide Tremors

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hello! your mixes are incredible and very powerful. i'm afraid with 8tracks' new 30 min listening time per week i might not be able to listen to all of them, so i'm asking on several for a tracklist. please give me the songs/voice clips, although i know many of your playlists use personal edits.

@admeloria hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention -- I wasn't aware! I wondered why the play counts had diminished so much, and figured it was largely due to the international restrictions. This explains a lot, and is extremely disheartening.

@admeloria also -- didn't mean to post that last reply without adding -- I'm going to work on getting these playlists duplicated (to the best of my ability) on youtube, and will include playlists in the comments along with the links to these youtube playlists. This may take some time, so bear with me!

@theairinthebranches thank you so much! your playlists are easily my favorite on youtube. i see the dedication and work you put into them and as a writer and animator i often used your mixes to inspire fever dreams of the supernatural and strange. To lose the opportunity to listen to all of them would be crushing. I particularly loved the mix about people speaking in tongues with the reversed joanna newsom tracks. it was chilling and ethereal. these listening restrictions apply to all members as well - i live in new jersey