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This Week in SF: 4/23-29


Bands performing in the SF Bay Area from 4/23-4/29

  • D.T.V. by Natural Child
  • I Remember, You Were Wild by Kelley Stoltz
  • Do What I Came To Do by The Fresh & Onlys
  • Dreamdaze by Nectarine Pie
  • The Twerps, "This Guy" by The FADER
  • Young Prisms "Four Hours (Away)" by kaninerecords
  • China by The Aerosols
  • Maintenant by Rupa & The April Fishes
  • Do It All The Time by Jib Kidder
  • Caveman "Old Friend" MP3 by The FADER
  • Getting out soon by mist and mast
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why can't you list the bands up front? Your music license won't allow me to skip ahead? Who are these draconian record industry types that are holding you in thrall? We'll f'in StoneRoses their a**es- beat 'em up and dump paint all over their office. Then we'll fail to ever put out another record that means anything. I'll get the paint- you guys fix the audio streaming thing on this page.