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did you see the fear in my heart?


because im still in denial about Derek (or Tyler Hoechlin) leaving Beacon Hills, i just had to make a playlist.

it's mostly about Derek and his choice about leaving Beacon Hills, but it has teensy tiny bits of Sterek in it, sorry i just couldn't help it.

enjoy, my babes .

8 tracks
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I feel you :( I just can't believe he's gone .. He was so important for the character dynamics and I would have loved to see more of him being Scott's mentor. I really miss him especially since he's been such a precious character with so much depht :I

@LoveDeadline I totally agree with you, his character had such potential and they didn't do anything about it. He wasn't just a pretty face and could've had a great backstory and chemistry with the other characters. But on the other side I'm happy for Hoechlin that he made his decision and is off doing what he loves.