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Let's all go to the movies!

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For those who like this mix, I am very happy that you do. For those who find fault with it, I'm very sorry that you do. Let's all try to be nice to each other, though. It makes it much easier to just enjoy the music, which is why we're all here.

if you must know, its New Mexico, Japan, San Fransisco, Calgary, Mercer Island. everywhere ive lived. and i found it an annoying song

"Annoying" to you doesn't mean everyone else obviously from the other comments which agree with me. What does living in different places have to do with a song without reference to any of those places? You don't even make any sense.

i think they may be referring to the fact that you called them "random letters person" and was explaining what the random letters stood for.... possibly

How could you not like Clockword Orange for starters, get out of here random letters person. This playlist was amazing, perfect for working in the office!