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little witch lost; a bonnie bennett mix


for the girl who has given every piece of herself and does not know how to claw her way back to the light alone.

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this hurt to listen to but at the same time, this speaks to me in so many ways. little witch lost. the young girl turned into a child solider; unthanked, unprotected, and unconsidered. little bonnie uprooted from her family structure, from her friendships, from her own stories even. she did so much for so long and she was always less than secondary, on screen and off. basically what im saying is, this is wonderful, and thank you so much for making it.

@cypresssunn ohmygod this comment is just - thank you so much. it took me so long to piece this together, but I was super proud of it because Bonnie's my baby, and you put everything I feel about her better into words than I ever could.