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The Last Battle


It's come down to this. The stage is set, the pieces have fallen into place. Only the enemy now stands before you and there is only one way to win this.

A clash of armies, the war cries of angry warriors; the final battle for victory, glory, honour, and wealth!

Let Valhalla welcome you into the halls.

And last, but certainly not least, do not forget the last opponent. They've been waiting for you.

  • Glory And Honour (Epic Choral Cinematic Orchestral) by Phoenix Music
  • Battle Begins (Epic Triumphant Hybrid Action) by Mervin Mathew
  • 20 To Glory by TSFH-Invincible
  • Still More Fighting (Rock Band Cover) by Final Fantasy VII
  • Those Who Fight Further(The Black Mages Cover) by CAlexanderParra
  • Zero Two (Genosai) by Kirby64
  • Bynn the Breaker by Darren Korb
  • Battle For Skyrim (Elder Scrolls Tribute) by Boris Mihajlovic Composer
  • Sanctus Immortale (Extended Mix) by Menelik Solomon
  • Jenova Theme Cover (From Nobuo Uematsu's "Final Fantasy VII" Original Soundtrack) by Alfalfabebeta
  • Winged Angel by One
11 tracks
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