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Born for Victuuri!


An EDM playlist that gets softer as they become more comfortable with each other (songs from the OST included and lyrics in annotations that fit them~). I believe these songs describe their entire relationship over these 8 episodes so far (tho not necessarily in the right order)! Hope y'all love it. Credit: (Edit: THE SONG "KIND" MATCHES EPISODE 9 I AM SO HAPPY WHAT THE HECK) Edit 2: Songs being added slowly based on these last three episodes as they come out. (IM DEAD PROPOSAL) THE LAST EPISODE OMFG DUET ADDED AND EROS!!!!

13 tracks
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Oh you put annotations! They make everything so much better and add context :) I really liked all of the YOI soundtrack songs you put in here, as well as the others!

@stifledlaughter Ah thank you so much! I always make playlists with a type of fanfiction idea in mind. Even tho I can't write fanfics lol. Thank you so much I'm glad you enjoyed this playlist!