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Shadows of Brimstone


There we were, staring into the gaping maw of this town's mine, where Darkstone and the danger it fosters was plentiful.

The mine seemed abandoned, but we knew it's grisly truth. The townsfolk had shown us the calamity that the creatures wrought, broken & torn bodies which told us everything we needed to know as if through a silent poetry most macabre.

Hesitating further would only tempt us to turn back from the void before us, which wasn't an option. If we had, a hellish darkness would soon emerge from the mine, bringing unspeakable evils with it which would overrun and consume this town.

So in we went.

It was going to be a long night of profit & retribution, full of roaring melodies made by our rifles, pistols, and the dying chorus of those unearthly nightmares we aimed to cut down.

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