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beachy keen


it's still summer in southern california and this is what the weather feels like. twenty-four songs including tracks by surfer blood, sleigh bells, and the strokes.

picture is of brigitte bardot feeding daisies to a deer.

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24 tracks
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Oh my God! What an unchained hysterical frenzy! I always prefered autumn and springtime to summer. Here is a brilliant confirmation. I'm whacked.
The end of your mix, smelling like the begining of autumn, suits me better. And listening to Neutral Milk Hotel is always a pleasure anyway.
Hope you'll have a real autumn soon.

aw, you didn't like it? i'm working on a more sixties-y mellow playlist currently so if louder/more recent stuff like this isn't your style, you'll probably appreciate the one i'm making now much more.

I'm sure I shall like your next mix, indeed.

For the rest, you're right. I think that this kind of louder recent stuff is not really my cup of tea.
Could it be... Could it be that... Could it be that I'm getting old?... Oh my God! That's it! I'm getting old... * sigh *... Well... That's life.

(Half-)Jokes apart, I liked several things in your mix, as usual. Its progression, first. Even if that was too much for me. I appreciate the fact that you always think your mixes in a certain way. I like the way you build them. Like a musical architect. Like a director. Thinking about the place of each track. I can feel it. For I myself always try to do the same, with more or less success (I'm not always completely satisfied by my mixes - sometimes I am - but I like them as they are. Building mixes maybe is a derisory thing, but it's an amusing thing to do, and what is amusing is often essential. I always can feel the joy/ the soul/ the feelings that animate you when i'm listening to your mixes.)

Oh and I liked some tracks and bands too (among those I didn’t know) : The Drums (I had already liked the song you had put in your Halloween mix: “Me and the Moon”), The Willowz (the song made me think of Pavement, a band I like a lot), Grouplove, Surfer Blood (I liked “Slow Jabroni” but not “Take It Easy”), Sleigh Bells (I like a lot “Rill Rill”, discovered on your blog one fine day, but not “Kids”), Foster the People (discovered on your blog too. Good song), Mavis the Dog.

Gosh! I once again blackened your comments area with my talkative fingers. Hope you'll forgive me.
Keep on sharing your inspired mixes over here. My ears are wide open, my heart always ready to be touched, and my musical expectations never (or so rarely) disappointed.