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i have advanced so far in my procrastination methods that i decided to divide this playlist kind of like a play or what-have-you. here is the program:

*act 1: psychedelic standards
*intermission: (a nightmare with mgmt)
*act 2: poppy/rocky recents
*exit music

picture is of halloween, 1967, courtesy of brechtbug on flickr.

24 tracks
4 comments on hallowe'en

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the end of the mix. That's perfect! Now you can put all the songs together again in order to respect your beautiful program in two acts and a half (with or without Katy Perry and Kid Cudi... I'll use the skip button if I feel like listening your mix for a third time)

(Oh and if you want to delete - or if you want me to delete - my stupid comments, feel free to do it.)

I don't like Halloween (maybe because I'm French and/or too old), and I don't like Katy Perry (not because I'm a feminist/hipster, just because I don't like Katy Perry), but, in spite of your warnings, I clicked the play button because I can't help pushing the play button each time you post a new mix! (admiration? fascination? love? taste?... Anyway, I can't help it). Act 1, intermission, and the begining of Act 2 are perfect. You made me feel like loving Halloween and being a young American.
Then Katy Perry and Kanye West started singing... but I didn't even push the skip button when they started singing. It was hard, though... Especially for my ears. But I had to resist, and I did it! I'm kind of proud of myself. But I didn't know that there was a second ordeal for me : Kid Cudi. Fortunately, 8tracks collapsed during the song. Unfortunately, I couldn't listen to the rest of your mix because of this collapse. I'll try again later, when 8tracks will work again, because I want to go until the end!

(P.S. : do you know the "Season of the Witch" version by Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper and Steve Stills on their "Super Session" album (1968). If not, you should try it. It's longer but as good - or even better than - the Donovan original).

p.s. i don't wanna hear any of your feminist/hipster shit about how e.t. by katy perry is in this mix. e.t. is actually a really good song and it totally fits alongside the others. h8ers, you can just put your little finger on that little fast forward button if you don't like it! katy, u deserve it bb!