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i don't know


nothing spectacular, just some songs i've been listening to lately. seventeen tracks, including cuts by florence and the machine, noah and the whale, and caroline smith and the good night sleeps.

pictures is of kim kerrigan and mandy moon.

16 tracks
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I know.

(P.S. : I started listening to "Suck It and See" a lot lately. "Paledriver Waltz" still is one of my favourite songs - I think I prefer Alex Turner's version in "Submarine", but I'm not sure... it depends on my current mood... - but I also love "That's Where You're Wrong", maybe the song I listen to the most on the record.
P.S. 2 : the rest of your mix is perfect, of course.
I don't even know why i just wrote the previous sentence).

i kind of prefer his solo version better too, i just thought that this one had a similar sound in the backing track to the two songs that followed. almost a tinny kind of thing.

You made me feel like listening to your mix once again (it's always a pleasure). And i agree with you (the opposite would have been surprising), the Arctic Monkeys' version suits better.