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like being underwater


a new mix i made that is included in a package i'm sending to my friend olivia today. i thought it was nice enough to post here. twenty-eight tracks including cuts by air, arctic monkeys, and the apples in stereo.
picture is of a hippie wedding in 1967.

28 tracks
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I've got nothing to say. Except: perfect.
I knew I would love your new mix, but I didn't know how much.
At this very moment, I'm in love with your mix (which is pretty usual), I'm in love with you (which is pretty normal), I'm in love with the whole world (which is pretty rare). Olivia is a lucky girl. And, finally and fortunately, so are we (even without the package).
Plus, I didn't know the Simon & Garfunkel's demo of "Old Friends". I loved it. I have to find a bonus track CD edition of "Bookends" as soon as possible.
(Well, I finally had things to say. Next time, i'll try to say nothing. I wish good luck to myself).