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my favorite 60s/70s folky/rootsy/rocky/vibey tunes to find playing on the radio in summertime.

22 grooves in total, including cuts by cat stevens, king harvest, and creedence clearwater revival.

picture is of mick lazing with daisies in opio, france, and it was taken on may 8th, 1971, by patrick lichfield.

NOTE: for some reason, the song 'bad moon rising' is doing weird things. it does not sound like the original green river audio file i keep uploading. it's v annoying.

21 tracks
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Another thing: it seems like the reason "Bad Moon Rising" sounds bad is because the mix is playing a Soundcloud file of the song instead of your original upload (the version of the song on Soundcloud seems to be poor-quality). You can get it to play your original file by editing your mix, going to the song and flagging it as incorrect. If that doesn't work, try emailing the site's support.

Also, the version of "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" isn't the original performed by Paul Simon. Just FYI.

@monstromax yeah, 8trax system of replacing the files you carefully select to upload with their own shitty non-identical files fucking sux, man. i tried fixing both songs and nothing worked, so boo on you -- boo on you. this is probably the last mix i'm ever going to bother uploading on here.