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so this is it


songs that go with the emotions you feel during a breakup

picture is of pattie boyd and george harrison, taken by pattie herself in 1970.

19 tracks
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This is probably the only good thing about your break up. Your comeback. With your beautiful magical mixes (well, ok, musically speaking, i didn't like the last song, even if it may be "good to be free"... and i'm not a great fan of New Order... but that really doesn't matter, the rest is perfect!).
Selfish point of view, i'm afraid. Even if i'm really sorry for you.
I wish you the best things for the future from now on, from the depths of my heart. And always with music by your side. Music will always save your life...
[selfish mode=on] So keep on sharing your love for music here, please, anytime... or i'll definitely die! [selfish mode=off]