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Tribute to Bingo: 1993-2010


Bingo was one of the best friends I've had; he'd follow me, could never have enough attention and loved a good scratch now and then. He always smelled a little, but that was part of his charm. I had Bingo since I was 7 or 8. I love him. He'll always be in my thoughts and I'll miss him with all my heart. Never needed a leash, but we all needed him. See you sometime again soon buddy.

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I know, sometimes is really hard to say good bye, because some how is like a lose a part of you. And always will be there the feeling of emptiness

Thank you. He's still with us right now, but his kidneys are failing him, and hes being put down tomorrow. He's been with us for so long its going to be strange not to have him around. There will always be something missing from now on, although I'll always miss him with a smile.