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Tales Twice Told

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This playlist is absolutely perfect! Hit the road Jack just made it, though every single track was amazing! Thank you for the great mix!

this playlist is absolutely fantastic - ive listened to it a bunch!! i do have a question though - TFTBL is my first experience in the borderlands world, so are the songs you used on here from the other games, or is your ability to pick perfect songs just that good? c:

@zoek8 Thank you so much! The only songs I used from the games are "Busy Earnin'" "Kiss the Sky" "Retrograde" (which was a favorite of mine before the game) and "My Silver Lining", all from TFTBL because I felt they were the best songs from the game. While I ADORE the soundtrack of the other borderlands games I didn't use any here. I hope you get a chance to play at least Borderlands 2, it's a lot different but still great fun!