136 comments on Motivation Speeches by thedjraz

@Pinecone: Still laying each of my brick each day. My life is slowly becoming a little better. I'll definitely keep pushing. Thanks brotha. Truly appreciate it.

I've been listening to this track for a few months. This is also the only track I listen to on this app. I'm struggling big time in life finacially. I ride or run to kill my depression. Since my friend has linked me to this track, I have fought harder in class, in life, and in my exercise. This mix should be shared in schools, gyms, just everywhere. This mix has helped me move forward and helped me get through many hard times. Thank you TheDjRaz.

I have to agree with you. I have multiple play lists on youtube, but this contains what I have and more. I've been pushing harder in everything with this as my morning play list. Keep Pushing bro and KCCO

I'm a 10th grader, I take advanced classes like AP biology, I run track and cross country. I get good grades but they're slipping, this has helped me try harder, push harder, and it has also changed my view of how I excuse myself for skipping homework for sleep.