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Braain Flip


awesome mind tricks. Be sure to wear headphones

  • Holophonic Sounds (Use headphones!!) by wood1y
  • Tricking Your Mind To See Alternate Realities 3D by Holophonic Sounds
  • Holophonic Soundscape of a walk around a buddhist temple in tropical forest in Thailand by ALAgrApHY
  • CyrusCorp Holophonic Transmission Alpha 1 by Inappropriate Ridiculum
  • Holophonic Sound by EricEnnis95
  • Holophonic Experience by Saâd Cheddadi
  • Sounds of Nature [3D-Sound] by Thunder and Rain
  • The sound of water (listen with headphones covering his eyes) by 3D-sound
  • Virtual Barber(2) 001 by 3D Sound
  • 3D SOUND (Use Earphones) by ARTPOP
  • 3D Sounds for Earphones by MatthewLien
11 tracks
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