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Flowers for Mahakali


I lay these garlands of flowers before your terrifying visage O Great Kali!
Divine mother, master of Time and Death,
I humbly prostrate myself before thee.
May it be that I am able to partake in your boundless, bornless energy,
For you are the source and creatrix of it all!
Consort and compliment of Mahakala, heed my pleas,
So that I may ween what I can in this meager life,
And not bear any regret when my time comes to move unto my next.
May I not be subject to your anger, but rather partake in it's energy,
And in doing so, be purified in your rings of flame.
For I have looked upon your black countenance,
And have seen and known:
Terrify not man, lest God terrify thee!

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