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Ruins of the Holy Temple


The temple was a ways away from the city.
So old that no one knew its name.
Many were the pilgrimages to it, and from all walks of life.
From my childhood home near the Ruins, I remember seeing them as they passed.
From a procession of chanting devotees, to couples seeking blessing on their union.
Many were the sects that claimed this Ruin, yet all agreed to share it.
Such is the reverence for this building.
For they all say that long ago, the Gods who walked the earth lived here.

On starry nights, I would sneak out of my home and visit.
Walk among the ancient stones entangled in foliage.
Sneaking past the glowing embers of nightly devotion.
Finding myself alone amongst the stone faces...
It was while wondering the Ruins that I knew even now the Gods are still living.

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