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-Invader Chibi- Jac


A motherly ginger that takes care of Dib and Iz. She's just a normal human that does quite well in school and gets along with almost anyone. She's always on the bright side and flashes the torch on the dark side from time to time. A proclaimed partner of Dib, she takes a high interest in his investigations and theories.

  • Donor Song (English Cover) by JubyPhonic
  • Rem. by Shiny Happy People
  • Terror(ism) by Kagamine Rin // cover by Juby
  • 【Vocaloid Original Song】WILDFIRE!! 【Gumi English】【CircusP】 by WyndyWillow
  • English Dub by Electric Angel
  • Jo】 by Yuudachi no Ribbon (English Cover)【ft. dj
  • AVANNA And Kaito Vocaloid by Creative
  • Apparently There's A Cheat Code To Happiness [English Fancover] by xXMilkychanXx
8 tracks
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