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90s Nostalgia Megamix


Approximately 3 hours of 90s music from a variety of genres, mostly from 1994-1999. Some are top-10 hits, others are more obscure B-sides, but all of them carry fond memories of road trips with friends, all-night sleepovers, or late nights at my high school job.

44 tracks
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oh GAWD Flagpole Sitta! I don't think I ever learned that song's title but daaaaaamn did I sing it often and loud when I got my first car! wow, such a good memory! as usual, you don't disappoint!

(please let me know if I come off as some weird stalker because every time I comment I seem to be the only one doing so lol)

@Knight-of-Tuxedo Not stalkery at all! It's always nice getting comments. :) And yeah, I think that song is one of those ones that everyone around my age still knows every word to, lol.

I tend to think of the 90s as a musical wasteland. Thank you for making this and reminding me that there are quite a few hidden gems hidden in there and bringing me back to the days when I used to jam to those!

@Knight-of-Tuxedo Hee hee, thanks! It seems like a lot of my fave songs of the decade kind of stayed stuck there, but I'm glad you enjoyed this one! :)