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Embarrassing Weeaboo Phase


Yep, for a little while in the late 90s/early 2000s, I was that girl - the obsessive weeaboo. These songs bring it all back. Embarrassing, yeah, but also nostalgic and catchy as all get out.

So feel free to sing along... you know you know all the words.

(And yes, that is authentically vintage terrible OC fanart I dredged up from the archive.)

15 tracks
4 comments on Embarrassing Weeaboo Phase

MAIAGAREEE SUZAKUUU! Any Anime nostalgia mix with the Fushigi Yuugi OP is a good one. And I've had that embarrassing phase in the early 00's too. I cherish the memories because this music takes me back to the good times of this dark teenage age, haha!

oh man I lost it at the first chord in the fushigi yuugi opening; openings which can never be forgotten even after not hear it for over 10 years

I was in such a '90s anime mood, and this was the perfect mix for it. You not only hit on literally every song stuck in my head but you threw in a bunch I had forgotten about. Jammin' out like a 12-year-old over here!