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I Am Yours.


Inspired by Dragon Age 2, a fanmix for the story of the turbulent romance between an ex-slave and the Champion of Kirkwall. Meeting, falling in love, the fear that almost ruined it all, comforting Hawke through a personal tragedy, and the eventual reconciliation.

Some of the songs reference a female Hawke, some a male Hawke, since the Champion of Kirkwall could be either.

19 tracks
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@Knight-of-Tuxedo There can never be too many Depeche Mode songs, lol. ;) (Though I know, rules about 2 songs per playlist per artist...) DM does seem to fit Fenris really well, though!

@Knight-of-Tuxedo Thank you!! This comment really made my day. :) This is one of my more scattered playlists, genre-wise, but I really think all of the songs work for Fenris/Hawke, so I went with it. :P (Also yeah... I' am old so I have a lot of random 90s and early 2000s stuff in my library, lol).